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Hopwood Garden Centre

Tel: 0121 445 4022
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Welcome to 2023

What we have available:-Compost, Peat free and Peat reduced, supplied by Bulrush A top quality product .

We stock Multi purpose compost , Soil Improver ,Veg, Ericaceous all in either  40ltr or 60ltr bags ,  Bark in 100 Ltr, J.I's 1,2,3, top soil in small 25ltr bags, many more styles of compost in stock, always worth talking to us.

We have a vast range of aggregates in 25 Klg bags :-  Slate 4 colours ,2 sizes  of Gold Shingle, Cotswold ,Beech, Spanish White,York,Pebbles ,Cobbles, Tweed stones,Rocks,Granite,and many more.

The plant side we have most shrubs and trees, Soft fruit  Raspberry, Blue berry,Gooseberry,Blackberry, plus others, in the  fruit tree line we have Apple, Pear, Cherry, Damson.

Foliage and Flowering trees/shrubs we have Acers ,Prunis .Malas.Magnolias ,Camellias, Pieris , Rhodos, Azalias,.

plus loads more.

Veg plants  available:-  Onions, Garlic

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